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Established in 1988, Australian owned Graphic House has continued to offer a comprehensive range of design, print, advertising and sign solutions to meet client needs. Put simply we are a local one-stop shop for your all your requirements.

Graphic House can offer advice that will ensure efficient, economical and high quality solutions.

With our large range of local services and modern cutting edge equipment we can stand behind our products 100%.

If the product does not meet industry standards, then we won’t sell it to you.


• We deliver fast quote turnarounds so you can get your project on the go quickly.

• We cater to an extensive and diverse client base and understand local needs.
• We have an extensive industry network.
• We can offer customised solutions to your special projects.
• We are accomplished in high run print management and short run print knowledge.
• We are dedicated to maintaining privacy and security.
• We maintain off site data storage and meticulous file management systems to ensure file integrity and security.


Danny Stockow


Starting his career as a 16 year old, being the first apprentice printing machinist to Graphic House when it was first established in January 1988 and going on to complete his trade qualification in 1992.

In August of 1997 Danny proudly purchased the then failing business due to unviable management practices. Since that day Danny has continued to improve the Company’s productivity and competitiveness with quality in house training for himself and his employees.

Now 26 years on (Ouch… 30 years in the game!) Graphic House has since survived the events of the GFC and more recently the catastrophic Cyclone Debbie, which took to the region like a chain saw. We came out of that a little wind blown but can now say we still here and as such Danny is pretty proud of that and just had to
say it J.


Karina Gamack

Lead Designer

Karina is a formally trained graphic designer with over 25 years experience in the graphic design & print industry. Throughout this time Karina
has been fortunate to have experienced working with and developing strong networks within the Whitsunday community in an array of different businesses and industries. Dealing directly with business owners, sales & marketing teams and advertising/marketing agencies

undertaking large and small scale design campaigns both locally & nationally - these include major tourism operators, island resorts, and start-up home based businesses. Karina's broad experience allows her to cover all areas of logo creation, brand development, design of flyers, brochures, advertisements, business cards, newsletters, reports, signage, packaging, social media imagery, EDMs, & online marketing graphics and much more!

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